A number of scholarships and awards are available on merit

‘The Smt. Annie C. Seraiya Gold Medal’ is awarded annually by the University of Mumbai to the candidate who passes the Bachelor of Social Work Examination in the first class with the highest number of marks in the aggregate at the examination, provided the candidate passes the examination at the first attempt.


‘M. P. Couceiro Scholarship’ is instituted in recognition of the initiative and vision of the Founder President of this institution to start the College of Social Work. This scholarship is given to the student who secures the First Rank at the M.S.W. level.


As a tribute to ‘Dr. Dorothy Baker’ who served the College for twenty-five years, the College has instituted awards to students for outstanding performance in the M.S.W. and B.S.W. courses.


‘Dr. (Ms.) H. D’Lima Scholarship’ is instituted through the contribution from well-wishers as recognition for her outstanding services and in the field of professional social work and as the Principal of the College of Social Work. This scholarship is given to the M.S.W. student who secures the highest marks in Term Paper project


‘Ms. Muzumdar Scholarship’ is instituted by the College in appreciation for the long years of dedicated service of Mrs. Kalindi Muzumdar in the College of Social Work. This scholarship is given to the M.S.W student who secures highest marks in Research project.


‘NILM Trust Scholarship’ is instituted by the National Institute of Labour Management and is awarded to the M.S.W. student who secures the highest marks in the subject “Industry and Industrial Worker” on a need-cum-merit basis.


‘The Silver Jubilee Endowment Scholarship Fund’ is established by the branch of the All India Women’s Conference, Mahila Mandal, (Sion, Wadala, Kurla and Chembur) to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of their unit in the year 1994. The Scholarship is given to needy students to meet field work expenses.


The Magdelene Joseph Scholarship’‘ was set up by a collective effort of staff, students, alumni and friends of Magdelene as a tribute of affection and esteem for her long and dedicated service to the College in the Accounts section. It is meant to help students who face financial problems in their studies.


‘The Tressie Aranha Scholarship’ is a tribute of affection expressed by the family of Ms. Aranha who was associated with the College as a student and a faculty member for nearly eighteen years. It is given to students who have difficulty in meeting the financial requirements of the course.


‘The Urmila Khatri Memorial Scholarship’ is established by one of our ex-M.S.W. students in memory of her relative who was very interested in promoting higher education among the less privileged groups of young students.


‘Mr. & Mrs. Mukaddam Memorial Scholarship’ was instituted in memory of Mr. & Mrs. A. H. Mukaddam who always held values of social justice and equality as their prime goals to be accomplished. They have supported the idea of social work professionals working in the field of the marginalised. This scholarship is given to students on need-cum-merit basis.


Ms. Helen D’Silva Scholarship’ is instituted by Ms. Helen D’Silva, our former Office Superintendent of our College, to encourage the students to excel in their field work performance. This scholarship is given to the students from each class who secures highest marks in field work.


‘Nilima Mehta & Family’ is instituted by Ms. Nilima Mehta for the student who stands first in Human Behaviour subject at the BSW and MSW classes


‘Bhavani Shastri Memorial Scholarship’ is instituted by her family to perpetuate her memory who truly believed in the power of youth to change Society. This scholarship is awarder to a deserving BSW student


Apollinaris and Iris Pinto Memorial Scholarship is given by THE PECHEY PHIPSON SANITARIUM FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN to perpetuate the names of those who supported the Trust in difficult times. The scholarship is meant for a deserving MSW II student.


Caritas Netherlands Assistance: Financial help is given to needy students through this scholarship. The amount is given to students as an interest free loan which they would return once they get employed. The aim is to enhance the spirit of sharing among the students and to encourage them to extend help to other students who can avail of the financial help in their turn. Applicants who are interested should apply in writing at the beginning of the academic year to the Principal. A recommendation from the Faculty Advisor also should be submitted along with the application.


Government of India Scholarships: Students who are physically handicapped or belonging to reserved categories can apply for government scholarships. The forms for these scholarships should be submitted to the office latest by mid-August in order to claim exemption from University fees by reserved category students. If the forms are not submitted by the above date, the University fees will be paid to the office by the end of August.


Tech Mahindtra Foundation Loan scholarship: is available for all the courses in the college. ( Short Term Course)