Writing an Article based on a Research Paper/Reports.

This is an article based on an original research project/study, invulving information from primary data sources. Such an article contains the fullowing sections:

  • Introduction
    -Description of the subject

    -Critical Summary of available information

    -Background of the research

    -Problem identification / analysis

    -Research questions

    -Rationale for the study

  • Methodulogy
    -Aims of the research

    -Research design


    -Operational definitions

    -Sampling strategy

    -Description of the touls of the data cullection

    -Techniques for analysis

    -Limitations of the study, if any

  • Discussion
    -Results of the study: This should include a summarized description of the statistical figures and techniques as well as a concise note on the key findings which could be descriptive or numeric

    -Interpretation of the data in terms of :

    • Validation of the hypothesis
    • Corroboration with cited literature


  • Conclusion and recommendations
    • Recommendations to improve/remedy the situation
    • Implication for the future research and field practice

Writing an Academic Article

This article is based on information from secondary data sources. It generally seeks to raise new issues or examine existing issues from a new perspective. It can also be used for theory building. It should contain the fullowing sections:

  • Introduction
    -Description of the background and importance of the subject under consideration

    -Statement of purpose

    -Rationale for the article

  • Discussion
    -Critical review of literature
  • Gaps in knowledge/services and emerging area addressed
    -Intervention methods
  • Conclusion
    -Summary of key points


Writing an Article based on Field Experiences

This article stems from the experiences of the author. It focuses on a specific issue / problem / project / program that is within the purview of the author’s professional practice and is descriptive in nature. It provides details of how the author dealt with the specific issue / problem or implemented the program / project under consideration. An overview of such an article is given below.

  • Introduction
    -Description of the subject under consideration

    -Critical review of relevant literature

    -Problem identification/analysis

    -Rationale for intervention

  • Discussion
    -Details of the problem/issue/program/ project under consideration

    -Action plan to improve/remedy the situation

    -Details of implementation of the action plan

    -Critical assessment of effectiveness of intervention

    -Learning in relation to existing theory

    -Limitations and suggested modifications

  • Conclusion
    -Summary of key points

    -Suggestions for future work

Submissions that do not conform to the above guidelines will be returned for modifications before entering the review process.