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Vol. V No.1, January –June 1990

Neela Shroff Successful Intervention and Recommendations
Prasad Reddy Situational Analysis of Street Children
Dr. Merlyn Miranda Community Participation in the Health Care of the Rural Poor
Patsy Khan Empowering women for Community Leadership
Sharath Kumar Unorganised Sector: Women Vegetables Vendors
Jalindar Adsule
Elvis Thomas
Policy for Slum and Pavement Dwellers

Vol. V No.2, July-Dec 1990

Rupam Nangia Training programmes- Role of Social worker in Industry with regard to training
Mary Chittalapally Unorganized Sector: Chikki-making and stell-vessel polishing units in Bombay
Anita Panot Mahila Mandals; women’s organization for rural development
Arun Vinayak Asian Farmers against megaprojects
Khusmand Wadia Clean and be damned
Arun Vinayak The Meaning of sustainable development
Arun Vinayak Sister Aida Velasquez: Crusading against environmental destruction
Chauramma Chawadi Police, Do you know him

Vol. VI, No. 1, Jan-June 1991

S. M. Michael Religion and Human Development
Kalindi S. Mazumdar Spirituality and Social Work
Victor Moses Bliss or Bane
Dr. Merlyn Miranda Social Work in India
Paulo Freire Critical Understanding
Niloufer Mehta Strategic Family Therapy
Felix D’Souza Exploited, not Defeated

Vol. VI, No. 2, July-Dec 1991

Kalindi Mazumdar Some Memorable Experiences of Being Amidst Construction Workers
Usha Kumari K. Role of Labour Office vis-à-vis the Construction Industry
MSW-I Students Glimpses of the World of Unorganized Workers in Bombay
Dr. Hazel D’Lima A Profile of Pavement Dwellers in Bombay
Vittal Lad Advasis Lost in the Concrete Jungle of Bombay
Dina Sidhva Job Satisfaction and Future Goals of Physically Handicapped Employees
Xavier Jairaj Manisha Dhopate A Study of Handrikshaw Pullers in Calcutta City
Bina Sheth
Swati Pongurlekar
A Study of Bartanwalis (used garment dealers) in Bombay

Vol.VII, No.1, Jan-June 1992

Beena Choksi Social Work in the Field of Ecology
Elvis Thomas Ecological Degradation and Social Work Intervention
Dr. Nilima Chandiramani Environmental Pollution and the Law
Suresh Suratwalla The North South Controversy: Who is actually responsible for Environmental Pollution?
Saba Khan Health Hazards faced by Women working in the Industrial Sector
Selvin Mary New Comers Group in Asha Sadan
Hazira Kumar The System of Grants-in-Aid: An Empirical Analysis
S. Kumar
Sumitra Joshi
Meera Mokashi
A Study of the people affected due to the Narmada Main Canal
J. Radha Study of the Impact of Mental Health Education on Family Members of the Patients

Vol.VII, No.2, July-Dec 1992

Dr. Hazel D’Lima The Future of the Girl Child in Maharashtra
Kalindi Mazumdar Women and Violence
Neeta Raymond The Use of Social Advocacy against Dowry
M. S. Pawar Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement Problems
Ashish Chadha Destruction of Environment and Traditional Fisher Folk due to Development
Vidyullata Pandit Literacy and the Tribals
Vijayshree Iyengar Bhiwandkar The Struggle for Justice: Mass Community Participation in the case of Dowry Death
College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan Innovative Experiments at Harnessing Voluntary Effort
Farida Tata A Study of Women Working in the Fishing Industry of Sassoon Dock, Bombay
Mary Alphonse Ideological Trends and Empowerment of Women ( A Study of Women Action Groups in Tamil Nadu)
Sharath Kumar A Study of the Non-Formal Education Programme conducted by NGOs and the BMC in Bombay

Vol. VIII, No. 1, Jan-June 1993

Farida Lambay Educational Problems of children of marginalized sections
P. Viswanathan Values in Social Work
Merlyn D’ Souza Education Beyond Schooling
Regina D’ Silva Afflicted Public Health System
Pradnya Ratabole Audio Visual Catalysis
The Abhivyakti Group Experiments with expression
College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan Education with a Soul
Varsha R. Pandya Developmental Challenges Facing Urban Politics: A Case of ‘Naka-Workers’ in Bombay
Anna Mathew A Study of Women Workers in the construction industry
Mary Philip Review of services in child guidance in the city of Bombay

Vol. VIII, No. 2, July-Dec 1993

Dr. Roda B. Billimoria Community Based Rehabilitation- An Integrated Approach
Jyotsna Mody Parental Attitude Towards the Integration of the Handicapped Child and the Role of Non-Governmental Agencies
Agnes Meera, ICM Maternal Reflective Method- An Oral Teaching Method
Dr. Hutoshi Bana Into the Realm of Learning Disability
Kalindi Mazumdar Ethical Issues concerning the AIDS Patient and Family in the Indian Context
Pradyna Ratabole The Role of the World Health Organization in Combating AIDS
Harsh Mander Life Must Go On
Vivek Pandit Infant Mortality? No, Infanticide
Neeta Goel Child Abuse
Dr. Nilima Chandiramani A Critique On Dowry Legislation
Dr. Hazel D’ Lima
Vaijayanta Anand
Highlights of the Follow-up Study of BSW Graduates from the College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan
Sharath Kumar Child’s Perception of the Vatsalya Project

Vol. IX, (No. 1), Jan-June 1994

Thomas B.A.J. Planning and Public Health in India- A Critical Analysis
Tripti Sharma
Archana Torke
Patient’s Rights in India
Dr. Wishwas Rane Promotion of Traditional Medicine
Jogita Makkad Role of the Medical Social Worker in Disaster Management
Gabriel Britto
E. I. Simon
Hysterectomy and Mentally Retarded Women- Issues and Debate
Nandita Gandhi
Nandita Shah
The Women’s Movement in India
Nancy Gaikwad The Katkaris- An Economic Profile
Dr. Dayal Mirchandani
Patricia Newnes
Niloufer Mehta
Dipti Bheda
The Efficacy of Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) on Substance Abuse
Dr. Mary Alphonse
Ronnie D’ Souza
Socio-Economic Profile of Tribals in Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Aarey Milk Colony

Vol. IX, (No. 2), July-Dec 1994

Dr. Murli Desai
Tejaswani Adhikari
Guidelines for Pre-marital Counseling
Chhaya Datar Origin of Patriarchy
Nilima Mehta Services for Children and Families at Risk: A Non-Institutional Approach
Kalindi S. Mazumdar The Maharashtra State Women’s Policy
Suresh Guptan Eye Donation in India
J. B. Adsule Shelter- Dream or Reality?
Dr. Madhuri Pai Aspects of Disruptive Behaviour in the Classroom
Dr. Rajesh Parikh
Fr. Terence Quadros
Marissa D’ Mello
Psychological Sequelae of the Latur Earthquake: A Study of 2152 Individuals
Vijayantha Jagtap Educational Status of Children in a Slum in Bombay

Vol. X, No. 1, Jan-April 1995

Dr. Gracy Fernandes International Child Sponsorship
Mukta Srivastava Street Children
Aaron Sachs &
Jean D’ Cunha
A Prostitute at Nine
Vijayshree Iyengar Child Sexual Abuse
Nandita Shah
Nandita Gandhi
Reservation of Electoral Seats for women
Dr. Hazira Kumar Community Work for Beginners
Dr. Jacob Thudipara Sustainability of Social Services
Viji Venkatesh
Dr. Nitin Salian
Dr. Ian D’ Souza
Early Detection and Prevention of Cancer
Thomas Baby Infected Values

Vol. X, No. 2, May-Aug 1995

Rohini N. Krishnamurthy Tolerance- An Exploration
S. K. Khinduka Ethnic Conflicts: Can Anything be done?
Dr. Kushal Deb Multiculturalism and Tolerance: The Indian Predicament
Allwyn D’ Silva Beacons of Hope
Teesta Setalvad The Devil Within….How do we tackle Communal Prejudice?
Helen Joseph Towards Communal Amity: Experiences of The College of Social Work
Kalindi Muzumdar Bhiwandi Model- To Ensure Peace and Communal Harmony

Vol. X, No. 3, Sep-Dec 1995

Elvis Thomas Sustainable Development
Dilip D’ Souza What Does Sustainability Mean?
Winin Pereira The Kings Of the Jungle- The Sustainable Lifestyle of the Warlis
Archana Mehendale Developmental Strategies And The Rights of the Child
Jacob Thudipara Sold on a Cause
Ankit Mehta
Shachi Trivedi
Social Dimensions of Economic Growth- A Comparative Study of Gujarat & Kerela
Malini Karkal
Manisha Gupte
Mira Sadgopal
Women, Health and Development

Vol. XI, No.1, Jan-April 1996

A United Nations Publication Youth: A Global Perspective
Lata Narayan Values Amidst Change
P.V.George Lifestyles & The Youth-Reflections on Health
Jalindar Adsule Indian Youth & Crime
Gurmeet Hans Student Volunteers for Social Service
Gracy Fernandes Commercial Sex Workers in India-Action Taken by the College of Social Work
Kalindi Muzumdar Aids in India-A Synopsis of Interventions
Ankit Mehta Human Resource Development & Sustainable Growth
Godfrey D’Lima Quest for Rural, Tribal Education

Vol. XI, No.2, May-August 1996

Dr. Nirmala Pandit Advocacy: A Tool for Social Change
John Samuel Towards Advocacy: An Indian Perspective
Chandra Iyengar Social Action Through Advocacy: A Special Focus on Women
Dr. Arun Bal Advocacy in Health Care
Dr. Amar Jesani Social Action & Advocacy: For Health Care Reforms
Rosemary Barber Madden
Sueli Gandolfi Dallari
Public Health Advocacy
Randa Slim Need for Citizen’s Activism: Greater Now Than Ever
Anjali Kanitkar Advocacy for the Rights of Domestic Workers
Campaign for Women’s Political Participation
Dr. Neelam Gorhe Towards a New Beginning

Vol. XI, No.3, September-December 1996

Lata Narayan Values & Ethics in Social Work
Dr. (Ms.) Gracy Fernandes Changing Social Work Values & Ideologies: An Indian Perspective of Social Work Profession
Dr. K. Shanmugavelayutham Role of the Professional Social Workers in the Implementation of Social Legislation
Archana Soman Mehandale Self Advocacy Among Children: Parameters for Action
Harsha Yagnik Role of Genetic Counselling in the Thalassemia Control Programme
B.I.Thomas Kutty Socio-Economic Status & Family Coping in Chronic Mental Illness
Dr. Prashant Talwar Self Esteem & Aggression in an Institution: A Study
James Joseph Keezhangatte Politics of Suicide & the Response of Social Work

Vol.XII, No.1, Jan-April 1997

Crisis of Governance in India and the Social Work Dilemma
Mukut Sah Democracy and Social Work
J.B. D’Souza Democracy and Social Work
Dr. B. Devi Prasad
K.V. Rao
Ch. Avataramu
The Salient Features of the Panchayat Raj Acts of Sixteen States: A Content Analytic Study
Chrissie D’ Costa Women’s Political Participation and Empowerment
Sara Rasquinha Gram Sabha- Foundaiton of Panchayat Raj
Minar Pimple
Madhuri Kamat
Civil Society: A Peripheral Vision
S.R. Dhawan The City Summit- Habitat II
Wandia Seaforth Gender in the Agenda
Darryl D’ Monte Cities At the Crossroads

Vol.XII, No.2, May-Aug 1997

Michaela Caesar The Psychological Aspects of Child Sexual Abuse
The Paedo File
Gracy Fernandes Child Abuse: Implications For Social Work Education
Vidya Apte
K.M. Lata
Child Sexual Abuse – A Hard Look at the Arena
Vimla Nadkarni Urban Environment, Mental Health and the Child
D. Sivakumar Community Participation in Psychiatric Rehabilitation: Challenges And Opportunities
Mary Alphonse Social Work Education in Strengthening NGOs
Gracy Fernandes
Niloufer Mehta
A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Community Health Workers in Health Posts in Greater Bombay Under IPP-V

Vol.XII, No.3, Sep-Dec 1997

Mary Alphonse
K. Xavier
South Co-operation: Relevance for Social Work
Jill Carr-Harris
S. M. Abbas
Niloy Banerjee
Moving Towards People- Based South Co-operation
Lionel Fernandes Impediments to South-South Co-operation
Shefali Misra The North-North Divide and The New World Order
Maithreyi Krishnaraj Globalization and Women in India
Hosbet Suresh Globalization and its Impact On The Poor: A Legal Perspective
Mukta Srivastava Towards People Centered Economics: Efficiency Vs. Sufficiency
The Nagerkote Declaration- South Co-operation Among NGOs

Vol. XIII, No.1, Jan-April 1998

Rajashree P. Mahtani A Framework For Analyzing NGOs: An Application of The Management Perspective
Debotosh Sinha Social Work In Business and Industry: Challenges for the 21st Century
Farida Lambay
Sanghraj Rupavate
C. V. Madhukar
Views of the NGOs On The 83rd Constitutional Amendment Bill To Make Education: A Fundamental Right
Jacob Thudipara Community Based Rehabilitation: A New Approach
P. V. George Family, AIDS and Mental Health
Gracious Thomas Need For A Programme Of Study on AIDS & Family Education
Neela Dabir
Madhusmita Bora
Women’s Co-operatives in Mumbai

Vol. XIII, No.2, May-Aug 1998

Marita Ishwaran The national Human Rights Commission (NHRC)
Vijayanta Anand Construction Workers and the Issue of Human Rights
Sameer Shah Scavengers and the Role of Non Governmental Organizations
B. Vidyadhar Organizing the Agricultural Labour: Perceived Challenges and Possible Responses
Mukta Srivastava Policy, Research and Ethics
Partha N. Mukherji Discovering India
Karen Crinall
Kay Gravell
Art Methods in Social Work and Welfare Pedagogy: Some Postmodern Considerations
Gracy Fernandes The Professional Social Worker- A Yogi The Need for Spirituality in Social Work Practice
Vilma Fernandes The Influence of Liberalization and Globalization on Our Culture and Value System

Vol. XIII, No.3, Sep-Dec 1998

Don Hinrichsen The Ocean Planet
Vivek Kulkarni Mangroves
Elvis Thomas Oceans: The Pollution Factor
Michelle Chawla
Ritu Dewan
Of Development Amidst Fragility – A Societal and Environmental Perspective of Vadhvan Port
Thomas Kocherry Indian Fisheries Over 50 Years
John Kurien Industrial Fisheries and Aquaculture
John D’ Mello Blown Under by the Blue Revolution: Women Workers in Shrimp Processing Industries in India
Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Rome, 1995 Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries: Article 6 – General Principles

Vol. XIV, No.1, Jan-April 1999

S. L. Shetty Egalitarianism, Decentralization and Self-Reliance: The Three Essential Pillars of Sustainable Development Principles
Adarsh Sharma Children at Risk
Geeta Balakrishnan Integration of Feminist Perspectives In Social Work Training and Practice
Naomi Sheffer The “Social Workers for Peace” Workshop on Conflict Resolution
Pamela Singla Handicapped by Society
Vimla Nadkarni Ecology and Voluntary Action

Vol. XIV, No.2, May-Aug 1999

Mary Alphonse Evolution of Field Action Projects
Anna Mathew Women Construction Workers and Their Changing Position in the Family
Anjali Kanitkar Turbulent Waters
Saba B. Khan Counseling for “Cornea Retrieval”
Satyanarayan Rajhans Development and Issues of the Environment: Role of Government, Educational Institutions and Mass Media
Neela Dabir
Jaya Bhatt
Vermi processing Projects in Residential Areas of Mumbai
Neela Dabir
Deepti Khare
Perception and Practices of the Couples Adopting Sterilization as a Family Planning Method

Vol. XIV, No.3, Sep-Dec 1999

Sheilu Sreenivasan Ageing is Now an Option: What’s Your Choice?
Kastury Sen Ray
Neela Dabir
Golden Age and Nutrition
Brian Findsen Working Alongside Older Adults: Challenges for Adult Educators
Olinda Pereira VISHWAS: Reaching Out to the Elderly in Mangalore
Mary Alphonse
K. Xavier
Care of the Elderly
G. Subbulakshmi
Archana V. Hegde
Guarding Our Guardians: The “Missing Links”
Anna Joy Manoyuva: Residential Training Programme for Senior Citizens

Vol. XV, (No. 1) -January -April 2000

Mercy Masacarenhas Editorial
John Joseph Puthenkalam, S. J. Cultural Premises Towards a Puthen (New) Socio-Economic Development Path
Jacob Z. Thudipara Community Development Through Human Resource Development
Lewis Dzimbiri Building Managerial Capacities for Participatory Rural Development in Malawi
Jalinder Adsule Eviction of Pavement and Slum Dwellers: A Violation of Human Rights
D. Sharada Knowledge and attitudes of Street Children on Family Education
Geeta Balakrishnan Voluntary Action in Health and Population –the Dynamics of Social Transition (1999) –Book Review

Vol. XV, (No. 2) May –August 2000

Mary Alphonse Editorial
Arun Kumar Reflection on the Implications of Postmodernism for Professional Social Work
Reeta Sonawat
Tapaswini Porichha
Scale to Measure the quality of Early Childhood Care and Education Programmes (ECCE) in the City of Mumbai
Mercy Mascarenhas Mahila Rajsatta Andolan
Hilda Paqui Women and Conflict Resolution
Hannah Anandaraj Gender Differentials in Adolescent Adjustment: A Study in the Slums of Hyderabad
Ferzana Chaze A Study of Reasons for Jacob Turnover Amongst Professional Social Workers Within the Social Work Profession
Vajayanta Anand Punishment and the Prison: Indian and International Perspectives –Book Review

Vol. XV, (No. 3) September –December 2000

Sharath Kumar Editorial
Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere Managing Our Own Democratic Development and Change in the South
S. P. Sathe Human Rights Education: National Perspective
Ram Punyani Minorities and Human Rights
Maharukh Adenwalla Housing and Human Rights
Jalinder Adsule Displacement of Tribals –A Violation of Human Rights
P. G. Jogdand Indian Social Reality: An Inquiry into the Human Rights Violations of Dalits
Bill of Rights (For People who Live in Ontario on Long Term Care Facilities)

Vol. XVI, (No. 1) January –April 2001

Mercy Mascarenhas Editorial
Mary Alphonse Letter from the Principal
John Menachery Privatization of Higher Education: Implications for Social Work Education and Practice
Tomy Philip Psychological Well –being of Husband, Wife and Children in Dual Earner Families
Niloufer Bhagwat Capitalist Globalization Intrinsically Racist and A Historical Continuity
Nilima Mehta Child Right to a Family: Promoting the Non –Institutional Approach for Child Protection
A. Kusuma
G. Lokanadha Reddy
Cognitive Styles in Tribal Children
P. Khan The Unorganized Sector. Work Security and Social Protection –Book Review

Vol. XVI, (No. 2) May –August 2001

Mercy Mascarenhas Editorial
Nilima Mehta Child Adoption in India –Retrospect and Prospect
Geeta Balakrishnan ANKUR –A Research and Action Project for Children in Municipal Special Schools
Maya Thomas
M. J. Thomas
A Discussion of Some Critical Aspects in Planning of Community Based Rehabilitation
A. C. (Tina) Besley ‘If I Tell I’ll Lose My Family’ A Teenager’s Dilemma In Disclosing Sexual Abuse
Anita H. Panot Views of Undergraduate Students on Premarital Sexual Relationships
Jalinder Adsule Communal Angle in Indian Politics by Harish Sharma –Book Review
Vol. XVI, (No. 3) September –December 2001
Mercy Mascarenhas Editorial
K. Sekhar Social Work Education and University Extension Services
Armaity S. Desai Challenges for the Voluntary Sector in India at the Beginning of the Twenty –first Century
G. C. Khan
Debotosh Sinha
Developing Employee Assistance Programme in Industry: Challenging Priority in the 21st Century
Neela Dabir Counseling and Rehabilitation of Refugee Families in Sweden
Rudolph C. Heredia Hindu Nationalism and Subaltern Alternatives
Mary Alphonse New Reproductive Technologies, Women’s Health and Autonomy: Freedom or Dependency? Indo-Dutch Studies on Development Alternatives -25 –Book Review

Vol. XVII, (No. 1) January –April 2002

Geeta Balakrishnan Editorialives>
Ghanshyam Yelne Women’s Participation in Self –Help Groups
Monica Sakhrani Law Related to Dying Declarations of Women Facing Domestic Violence
Vibhuti Patel Women and Health: An Indian Scenario
Tomy Philip Impact of Employment of Mother on Mental Health of Adolescent Children
Manoj K. Jha Unheard Voices: Stories of Forgotten Lives

Vol. XVII, (No. 2) May –August 2002

Anjali Kanitkar Editorial
John Menachery Social Work and Sustainable Development
Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement
Jalindar Adsule
Chandrakant Jadav
Poverty Alleviation Programmes in Rural India
Lata Narayan
Sumitra Ashtikar
Crossing Over From Elementary to Secondary Education
Mamta Kapil
Reeta Sonawat
Parenting Dimensions and Lifestyles: Indication to Preschool Children
Geeta Balakrishnan Education and Children with Special Needs from Segregation to Inclusion –Book Review

Vol. XVII, (No. 3) September –December 2002

Elvis Thomas Editorial
Donna McAuliffe
Mathew Armstrong
Using the ‘Moral Continuum’: An Activity for Teaching Ethics in Social Work
Lynne M. Healy Internationalizing Social Work Curriculum in the Twenty-first Century
Arun Kumar Volunteerism and Professional Social Work
Abraham P. Anthony Community Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP) A Social Work Experiment in Orissa
Anjali Kanitkar Methods for Community Participation: A Complete Guide for Practitioners Somesh Kumar : Book Review
Samta Pandya Report on the National Pre-Conference Meet -India

Vol. XVIII, (No. 1) January –April 2003

Vaijayanta Anand Editorial
Josantony Joseph Values, Ethics, Morals
Dr. Lata Narayan Of One’s Volition: What influences Choices?
Dr. K. Shanmugavelayutham Role of Professional Social Worker in Slum Eviction: A Case Study in Chennai
Anita Panot Globalization and its Impact on the Health Care System
Dr. Pauline D’ Cunha Relevance of Studying Organization Climate in Hospital Setting
Dr. B.S Gunjal An Evaluation of Health and Nutrition Education in I.C.D.S. and non –I.C.D.S. areas in the State of Karnataka
Samta Pandya The Elimination of Child Labour. Whose Responsibility? –Book Review

Vol. XVIII, (No. 2) May -August 2003

Anjali Kanitkar Editorial
Mary Alphonse Citizenship and the Social work Profession: Focus on the marginalized
Dr. Jalinder Adsule Interface of colleges of Social Work and Civil Society Organizations
Bhim Raskar Women Sarpanches Challenges Ahead
Ms. Anjali Kanitkar Dalit Women in Panchayats A double Dose of Discrimation?
Ghanshyam Yelne Dalits Leadership and Governance in Panchayat an exploratory study of Nanded
Samata Pandya Report of the Seminar on Dalit leadership and Governance in Gram Panchayats in Maharashtra
Samata Pandya Growing up Untouchable in India: A Dalit Autobiography –Book Review

Vol. XVIII, (No. 3) September -December 2003

Helen Joseph Editorial
Naina Athalye Feminist Therapy for Counselling
Ferzana Chaze Lesbianism in India
R. G. Phadtare Rehabilitation of War –Widows Problems and Remedies
V. Sethuramaligam Participatory Resettlement Model Adopted in the National Shelter Demonstration Resettlement Project: A Case Study
John Menachery Unidentified Mental Patients in Correctional & Custodial Institutions: The ‘SEVAC’ Model of Intervention
Rock Banz Water is Life
J. S. Gunavathy Evolving a Code of Ethics for the Social Work Profession in India
Meilin Augustine Learning Disabilities in India: Willing the Mind to Learn –Book Review

Vol. XIX, (No. 1) January –April 2004

Mercy Mascarenhas Editorial
Mary Alphonse Resolution of Ethnic and Communal Conflicts: Approaches and techniques for Social Work Practice
Raja Ghosh Work in Health Care: Scope and Experiences with Special Emphasis to Rabindranath Tagore’s Creativity
Lidwin Dias Women and Disability: A Triple Disadvantage
S. Selvam Social Security in Mauritius
Community Care and Support for Persons Living With HIV/AIDS: Challenges for the New Millennium (An International Social Work Conference December 2004)

Vol. XIX, (No. 2) May –August 2004

Mercy Mascarenhas Editorial Conference
Jacob Thudipara From Vision to action: A Journey Within
Anand Teltumbde Violence Against Dalits in Marathwada: The Caste Cauldron of Maharashtra
Saraswati Raju Iyer Psycho –Social Problems of Industrial workers: Need for Social Work Intervention
Sophy Jacob Television and the Elderly: Where is the True Image
Shewli Kumar Adolescence, Gender and Reproductive Rights
Elvis Thomas Family Care in HIV/AIDS: Exploring Lived Experience –Book Review

Vol. XIX, (No. 3) September –December 2004

Vaijayanta Anand Editorial
Roxan Bagban The 26th December Tsunami: The Perspectives of a Psychologist
Meena Galliara Cross Sector Partnership for Sustaining Development
Anita Panot Health for All: A Myth or Reality
Jacinta D’Souza Strategy for Rural Community Development (Review of Literature)
Asiya Nasreen Care of Elderly in a Changing Family Scenario
Lidwin Dias Children with Development Disabilities – A Training Guide for Parents, Teachers and Caregivers –Book Review

Vol. XX, (No. 1) January –April 2005

Mary Alphonse Editorial
Mary Alphonse Community Care and Support for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS: Challenges for the New Millennium
Mayank Mohan Mishra Strategic Intervention with HIV/AIDS
Himani Sethi The Source –Destination Strategy for Safer Mobility
Yesudas Naidu Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India: Intervention on HIV/AIDS
Vaijayanta Anand HIV/AIDS and Intervention at the Workplace
Vaijayanta Anand Miration and Risk of HIV/AIDS (An Empirical Study) –Book Review

Vol. XX, (No. 2) May –August 2005

Helen Joseph Editorial
Debotosh Sinha Genetics and Social Work: An Emerging Area of Practice
Tushti Bhardwaj Body Language: Key Component in Professional Relationships
Jalinder Adsule Field work Training for Radical Settings
Maju Varghese In the Margins of Existence …. Slum and Slum Dwellers in Mumbai
Maharashtra Floods : Relief Initiatives – A Report
Anita Machado Children with Cerebral Palsy (A Manual for Therapists, Parents and Community Workers) –Book Review

Vol. XX, (No. 3) September –December 2005

Anjali Kanitkar Editorial
Jyati Mhapsekar Capacity Building Programme for Waste Picker in Mumbai
Vaijayanta Anand Capacity Building as a Strategy for Empowerment in the Context of Women Construction Workers
Thanksy Francis Thekkekara Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal’s (MAVIM) Experience in Woman Empowerment: Training and Capacity Building for Women
Sarada D. & Uma V. Evolution of Leaders in DWCRA Groups: Does the Members’ Perception and Practice Comply?<
Debotosh Sinha Problem of Elderly Abuse: Some Reflections & Implications for Social Work Practice
Anita Machado Mental Health froma Gender Perspective –Book Review

Vol. XXI, (No. 1) January –April 2006

Elvis Thomas Editorial
Aruma Roy Peace for You and Me....
T. Priyadarshini
Garima Tiwari
“2005 Amendment of Hindu Succession Act –Recognition of Women’s Property Rights?”
Anand Jagtap Environmental Sanitation and the Marginalized Population in the Context of Development
Kannamma Raman Good Consumer in the Age of Globalization
Manoj Joseph
Farrukh Faheem
From Disable to Differently Able: Changing Language of Disability
Mohan S. Singhe
S. A. Kazi
Perceived Parental Attitudes Towards the Blind Children
Vijayashree Iyengar Social Work Practice and Men Who Have Sex with Men

Vol. XXI, (No. 2) May –August 2006

K. Sharath Kumar Editorial
Shobha Lal Kapoor Social Work Interventions in the Area of Substance Use
Tomy Philip
Nidhi Parashar
Family Satisfaction and Subjective Well-being of Adolescent Children Having Parents with Schizophrenia
Debotosh Sinha Infertility, Adoption, and Reproductive Technologies: Challenges before the Social Work Profession
Yamini Suvarna The HEAL Programme: An Action Research Initiative for Integrated Education
Jalinder Adsule Methodology of Progressive Social Work Education –Book Review
Sunirose I. P. Grassroot NGOs by Women for Women, the Driving Force of Development in India –Book Review

Vol. XXI, (No.3), September –December 2006

Anita Machado Editorial
Dr. G. Fernandes Values and Ethics for Professional Social Work
Dr. Archana Dassi Inclusion of Disables at Community Level
Ms. Anita Panot ‘Research and Action’ in Field Action Projects: An Example of Ankur
Dr. Mary Philip Sebastian Pathways to Decent Work for Low Income Young Women: Is Self-Employment the Best Option?
Ravindra R Patil Managing Urban Poverty –Book Review

Vol. XXII, (No. 1) January –April 2007

Helen Joseph Editorial
Geeta Balakrishnan
Yamini Suvarna
Kalyani Talvelkar
Safeguarding Childhood: A Conceptual Framework for Child Protection
Sr. Lizy, Geetha M. and
Aijo Jacob
Attitude of Children Towards Self; A Study of Children in a Children’s Home
Johny Joseph Fair Trade and Reduction of Absolute Poverty: the Experience of Creative Handicrafts
Gill Hague
Geetanjali Gangoli
Mary Alphonse
Helen Joseph
Domestic Violence, Marriage and Immigration: Social Work and Support Issues for Women Immigrating to the UK to Marry
Vandana Chakrabarti An Enquiry into Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work –Book Review

Vol. XXII, (No. 2) May –August 2007

Vaijayanta Anand Editorial
Bhakti Sathe Superstitions and Women’s Health
Rashmi Jain Family Counselling in Indian Context: Attempting a Redefinition
Anita Panot Role of Nationalized Banks in Development of Micro Finance
Josantony Joseph Understanding the Rights –Based Approach
Mary Alphonse and
Jalinder Adsule
International Social Work: Strategies and Programmes –Book Review
Birth Registration and Birth Certification

Vol. XXII, (No. 3) September –December 2007

Anjali Kanitkar Editorial
Dr. D. P. Singh Female Foeticide in Punjab: Issues and Intervention
Ms. Sunirose I. P. Study on the Awareness of Domestic Violence among Youth in Kerala
Dr. Yamini Suvarna
Ms. Geeta Balakrishnan
Ms. Kalyani Talvelkar
The Search of Identity: Placing Universal Birth Registration (UBR) within the Framework of Child Rights in India
Anita Panot Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Manual for Therapists, Parents and Community Workers: Book Review India

Vol. XXIII, (No. 1) January –April 2008

Mary Alphonse Editorial
Lynnmarie Sardinha Researching Sensitive Topics: Ethical Consideration in Domestic Violence Research
Meghna Vesvikar
Prabhavati Tirmare
Special Economic Zones(SEZs) in India: The Youth Perspective
Shobha Kapoor
Prafulla Sali
Profile of Injecting Drug Users in the City of Mumbai
Anupriyo Mallick Spiritual Dimensions in Social Work
Ms. Meghna Vesvikar Management of Cerebral Palsy: A Transdisciplinary Approach: Book Review

Vol. XXIII, (No. 2) May –August 2008

Geeta Balakrishnan Editorial
Swapan Garain Application of ICT for Social Engineering: Experiments in Governance in India
G. Bala Muthu Murugan
J.S. Gunavathy
Disaster Risk Management among Youth in Publicat Villages of Thiruvallur Diatrict, Tamil Nadu
Jalinder Adsule Social Work in Slums: An Experience in Mumbai
Yamini Suvarna
Geeta Balakrishnan
Safeguarding Childhood: Protecting Children from Unintentional Injuries
Anupriyo Mallick Group Work Theories and Practice: Book Review

Vol. XXIII, (No. 3) September –December 2008

Helen Joseph Editorial
Debotosh Sinh Globalization and Social Work as Profession: A Synergy and Implication
Raja Samuel
Udaya Mahadevan
A community Practice Model of NGO Advocacy Networks
Harshankar Adhikari Girl Children in Sex Workers’ Communities: Their Representation in Sex Trade
Asok Sarkar Maternal Morbidity in Tea Gardens of Assam
Josantony Joseph Inclusive Citizenship –Meaning and Expressions: Book Review
Elvis Thomas Book Review: The Water Business

Vol. XXIV, (No. 1) January –April 2009 ISSN 0974-5114

K. Sharath Kumar Eiditorial
Prerna Sharma Interdisciplinary and Transdiciplinary Approach in Development of Children with Cerebral Palsy
Kamal Lala Impact of Arts-Based Therapy (ABT) on Gross Motor Coordination, Speech, Imitation and Imagination Skills of the Mentally Challenged in a Mumbai School
Jacob Thudipara The National Urban Sanitation Policy 2008- A Belated Step in the Right Direction Challenged
Anita Panot An Insight into Dementia Care in India: Book Review

Vol. XXIV, (No. 2) May –August 2009 ISSN 0974-5114

Anita Machado Editorial
Brij Mohan Social Intervention Revisited: Toward A Science Of Change
Indrajit Goswami The Inclusion Of Social Work Values And Ethics In Social Work Courses: A Review Of Post Graduate Course Curricula And Pedagogy In India
Archana Kaushik Social Work Approaches To Reduce Vulnerability Among Elderly Women
Geeta Balakeishnan
Yamini Suvarna
Kalyani Talvelkar
Asmita Naik
Mapping Nowhere Children: Registering The Births Of Children In Vulnerable Circumstances In Mumbai
Mary Alphonse Reclaimimg Social Work: Challenging Neo-Liberalism And Promoting Social Justice –Book Review

Vol. XXIV, (No. 3) September –December 2009 ISSN 0974 -5114

Yamini Suvarna Editorial
Rudolf C Heredia Globalisation And Identity: Multiple Process, Complex Issues
Suresh Hosbet Human Rights And The Most Marginalised Groups
Jalinder Adsule Problem Of Housing And Livelihood: A Violation Of Human Rights
Anjali Kanitkar Land Issues And Human Rights: Implications For Social Work
Prerna Sharma Inclusive Education A Right Of Children With Disability
Geeta Balakrishnan Bioethics: An Introduction To The History, Method And Practice: Book Review

Vol. XXV, (No. 1and 2) January –August 2010 ISSN 0974-5114

Elvis Thomas Editorial
Mohannad Shahid National Rural Employment Guarantee Act –A Micro Analysis
Anupam Hazara Food Security And Malnutrition: Exploring The Dynamics
Ekta Chedda Informal Sector: Understanding The Gender Dimension
Teresa Dorjee
Shahin Sultana
Scope Of Social Work In A School Setting
Indrajit Goswami Development Of Code Of Ethics In Professions: With Special Reference To Social Work In USA
Anthony Chettri Citizenship And Governce: Citizen’s Participation In Mandatory Village Forum Gram Sansad (Gs) And Gram Unnayan Samiti (Gus)
Anita Panot Interrogating Development: State, Displacement And Popular Resistance In North East India: Book Review
Anupriya Mallick Social Work Practice Concepts, Processes, And Interviewing: Book Review

Vol. XXV, (No. 3) September –December 2010 ISSN 0974-5114

Geeta Balakrishnan Editorial
Martin Poras A Study Of Dalit Communities’ Participation In Rural Governance In Bihar
Sayani Pan Mental Illness Stigma –Theoretical Understanding And Strategies For Social Work Practice
Akileswari S. Crimes Against Women: The Dismal Mode Of Marginalization
Geeta Balakrishnan
Yamini Suvarna
Sunita Pais
Conditions Of Women Affected By Communal Violence In Kandhamal District, Orissa: A Study By The College Of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan
Josantony Joseph Bridging East-West Psychology And Counseling –Exploring The Work Of Pittu Laungani: Book Reviewmala>
Meghna Vesvikar Adoption –Global Perspective And Ehical Issues: Book Review
Issues Published From 2002-2010

Vol. XXVI, (No. 1) January –April 2011 ISSN 0974-5114

Jalindar Adsule Editorial
Subhashree Sanyal Women In Indian Prisons: The Status Behind The Iron Curtains
Mary Alphonse Queer Movement In The Context Of Globalization
Anupam Hazra The ‘Sanitation’ Crisis In India: A Threat To The ‘Mdg-Commitments’
Pramod Jadhav Initiatives For People With Disabilities In Raigad: A First Person Account
Jitendra Gandhi,
Abhay Jadhav
Beyond The Prescription Pad –Psycho –Social Rehabilitation (PSR) In Psychiatry: An Urgent Need
Yamini Suvarna One Little Finger: Book Review
Issues Published From 2002-2010

Vol. XXVI, (No. 2) May –August 2011 ISSN 0974-5114

Helen Joseph Editorial
Mohua Nigudkar Social Work Practice With Juveniles In Conflict With Law
Priyanka Dubey Nomadic Tribes Involved In Entertainment In Mumbai And Thane District: A Study Report
Anthony Chettri Social Work Profession –Dynamic Relationship With The Environment
Geeta Balakrishnan Field Work Supervision: A Review Of Literature With Specific Reference To The Supervisor –Student Relationship
Anita Panot Putting Women First: Women And Health Care Rural Community: Book Review

Vol. XXVI, (No. 3) September –December 2011 ISSN 0974-5114

Sharath Kumar Editorial
Helen Joseph Hidden Victims Of Domestic Violence
Jalindar Adsule
Roshni Alphanso
Social Work Education Through Field Action Projects
Digvijoy Phukan An Assessment Of The Psychosocial Problems Of Primary Caregivers Of Children With Chronic Kidney Disease
Subhashree Sanyal The Other Side Of Development: Female Migration In India: Trends And Impacts
Prabha Tirmare Knowledgebase Of Social Work Education And Need For Indigenous Knowledge: Indian Social Work Educators Reflections

Vol. XXVII, (No. 1) January –April 2012 ISSN 0974 -5114

Yamini Suvarna Editorial
Aparajita Sharma Discourse On School Education From The Perspective Of Hegemony
Debotosh Sinha Tagore And Sriniketan: Underpinnings Of Professional Social Work Practice
Anupam Hazra Empowering Women In India: Still A Major Concern
Archana Kaushik
Shruti Nagvanshi
Weaving Dreams But Living Nightmares: A Case Study Of Banarasi Saree Weavers
Jitendra S. Gandhi Quality Of Marital Life Of The Passive Suffers Living With Individual With Alcohol Addiction
Anita Panot The Politics Of Sanitation In India: Cities, Services And The State: Book Review

Vol. XXVII, (No. 2) May –August 2012 ISSN 0974 -5114

Sharath Kumar
Abraham Antony
Uma Jadhav
Anagha Sarpotdar
Application Of Qualitative Research Approach To Public Health
Rambabu Botcha Retrospect And Prospect Of Professional Social Work Education In India: A Critical Review
Kalyani Talvelkar Situating School Recreation For Children With Hearing Impairment Within Human Development Theories
Babu Zachariah The Need Of Operations Research In Social Work
Anita Panot Privatizing Water: Governance Failure And The World’s Urban Water Crisis

Vol. XXVII, (No. 3) September –December 2012 ISSN 0974 -5114

Elvis Thomas Editorial
Aneesh Kurian Social Work: The Practice Profession
Shahid Raza
Aftab Alam
Israr Alam
Mohd Shahid
Repositioning Critical Social Work In School Setting
Renu Shah Restorative Justice: Innovations And Experiments With Special Reference To Children In India
Nidhi Gupta Knowledge About Reproductive Health Matters Among Youth In India: Situation And Determinants
Swapan Shaw A Study On Help Groups And Microfinance For Women Empowerment
Aneesh Kurian Social Work: The Practice Profession

Vol. XXVIII, (No. 1 & 2) January -August 2013 ISSN 0974 -5114

Saman Afroz Editorial
Jalinder Adsule
Neeloferr Lokhandwalla
Social Action Model: Campaign For Human Rights In Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Anita Panot Understanding The Reproductive Health Of Tribal Women In India Through A Literature Review
Ronald Yesudas Accountability Of NGOs: A Qualitative Study
Saumya Social Work Through Distance Education: Commitment For Justice, Equity And Inclusion Of Marginalised
Kaushalendra Pratap Singh Vulnerability Among Rural Elderly In The Changing Social Scenario
Remya Madanan
A. Shahin Sultana
Scope Of Grounded Theory In Strengthening Social Research
Renu Shah Harvesting Despair: Agrarian Crisis In India : Book Review
Vibhuti Patel Socio-Economic Development Of Tribal Women: Changes And Challenges: Book Review

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