The Student Council functions as per the Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994. There are various Committees, which look after the educational, sports and cultural activities of the students. Throughout the year the College is a hub of extra and co-curricular activities that brightens up student life at the College


Student Representatives- Ms. Shreya and Ms. Radhika 

This year WDC of college organized two important events.
In line with Savitribai Phule lecture Series, this year we had program on 31st January 2018.

The program was held in collaboration with WDC of University of Mumbai in the University club house. Chief Guest for the program was Ms. Priti Patkar. She addressed students on issues of human trafficking in today’s context. She also highlighted the challenges and dilemmas posed by nexus of trafficking in today’s context and how we as social workers need to be equipped to work in changing times. We also had renowned theatre artist Ms. Sanjukta Wagh performing during the program. Her performance echoed the concern of women over the years in the form of performing arts.

We also had our Women’s Day program on 7th March 2018 in collaboration with college of Home Science in the later’s hall. As part of this, a series of performances were put up by both staff and students of both the colleges which were quite enriching and in line with the theme of the Women’s Day, that is, Reach the Unreached: Press for Progress. Chief Guest for the program was Advocate Abha Singh a former IPS officer and a fire band advocate championing the cause of gender justice in the echloences of criminal justice system. In her address to students, she highlighted the gender gap existing at all levels in our society mainly with respect to access to resources at all levels. She also put focus on issues with regard to justice delivery mechanism in our society mainly with respect to violence against women cases. She also called upon students to challenge the patriarchal mindset and raise their voice against all forms of injustice.


Planning and Logistics:

The four programs were coordinated by the Cell during the academic year were held on Tuesday’s from 2 PM. The committee members meet well in advance before each event to brainstorm and arrive at the innovative ideas, prepare a program schedule, budget and put out posters announcing the details of the event in advance in all class rooms and notice board. The announcement of tentative program is made in the faculty meeting and suggestions are sought.

1 Friendship Day programme, ‘MAIN HOON NA’-

The Friendship Day Program- 2015 titled ‘ Main Hoon Na’ was held on August 4 2015 from 2:30 to 4:30 PM. An elocution contest was planned on topics related to friendship, along with some student display of talent on the theme of Friendship and fillers. The students willing to be part of the competition were to register in advance and prepare to argue for one of the three topics, namely, Social Networking and Friendships, Healthy Conflicts and Friendships, and If you have a good friend you do not need a Psychiatrist. The elocution competition began on the 3 Assigned Topics Class wise i.e. BSW I, II, III, MSW- I, II. The judges of the elocution competition Dr. Nyreen Daruvalla , Director, Center for Vulnerable Women, SNEHA,Mumbai, Dr, Saman Afroz, Faculty member, College of Social Work, Mumbai were invited and graced the event, for selecting of the winners. The students were also provided thoughtfully designed bookmarks with a message about friendship and also had a utility value.

2. Lecture discussion on ‘Women’s Free Access to Public Spaces’-

A lecture and discussion was organised on a topic relevant to girls and women’s issues, Dr Shilpa Phadke, Assistant Professor, Centre of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai was invited and she was present to deliver a presentation and a gallery of photographs on 'Women's Free Access to Public Spaces' on September 8th 2015 (Tuesday) from 2:30 to 4:30 PM and this was followed by interaction with the students present.

3. Savitribai Phule Lecture Series ‘ Revisiting Savitribai’s Contribution Today’

The program that was held on January 5 th 2016 from 3:00 to 4:45 PM began with a Tribute to Savitribai (interclass) and a street-play (interclass) commemorating the legend’s life. The lecture series comprised of talk by the Guest Speaker Ms Vrushali Magdum, Stree Mukti Sanghatan and followed by interaction with the students.

4. International Women’s Day Celebration programme

The celebration of International Women’s Day 2016 with the theme PLEDGE FOR PARITYwas organized at the college by the CWDC on 2 nd March 2016 from 2:30 to 4:30 PM. Entries were sought from three categories of students, teaching and non teaching faculty on an individually written pledge for parity and few entries were received in each category. The program began with an song on Women’s Empowerment by the students. The guest speakers were four women from the grassroots level working with women’s issues, SHG’s, adventure sports and with rag pickers- who have made foray despite disability, have attained economic and social empowerment respectively. These women narrated their life stories to inspire the students that parity was possible at all odds. Guest Speakers were Neha Pavaskar ( woman sport achiever, differently abled ) Sushila Sabale, President ,Parisar Vikas Sangha, Stree Mukti Sanghatana, Mumbai, Social and economic sector), Panchafulla Vadde, - Political Achievement, Gram Panchayat Member, Dhuppa village, Naigaon taluka, Nanded, Mahila Rajsatta Andolan, RACD.Pnvel, Mumbai)

Ms. Lata , Maharashtra Mahila Parishad , Mumbai)

Presentations were followed by an enriching interaction with the students.